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Bankruptcy is a legal process designed to eliminate certain types of debts. If you have significant debt and are being harassed by creditors, being threatened with a utility shut-off, having your wages garnished by a creditor, or dealing with other debt issues, then give us a call to see if we can help.
Our goal is to help you take back control of your financial situation.
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Helping Families Get A Financial Fresh Start Since 1992

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a powerful poverty fighting tool.  Our clients are faced with significant and overwhelming debt, often as the result of an unexpected or catastrophic life event such as a serious illness or a sudden job loss.  A Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge provides relief to these families that they otherwise wouldn't receive.  This is why a bankruptcy discharge is often referred to as a fresh start.  However, the process is not easy and having a knowledgeable attorney helps to facilitate a much smoother process.  In addition to bankruptcy services our staff and volunteers provide important financial education so that our clients are empowered to effectively manager their personal finances and ultimately achieve financial stability.  We are so grateful to our dedicated staff and team of volunteers that give their time, effort, and expertise to helping low-income Philadelphia families. CBAP is proud to have provided free legal services for over 25 years.

-Sherry Hoban, Executive Director

Why Call CBAP?

Free Services

If you are financially eligible for our services you will be paired with a volunteer who will help you through the bankruptcy process for FREE!

Experienced Volunteers

All of our attorneys are trained specifically in Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings and you will have the benefit of their expertise.

Team Approach

Filing for bankruptcy is complicated and difficult, let us help you through it so you don’t have to do it alone. Our volunteers are with you through the entire filing process, from start to finish.

We Truly Listen

How can CBAP help?

When you call our office or meet with our volunteers we will review your financial
situation, assist with debt counseling, and help you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition.
Give us a call and see if a bankruptcy is right for you.

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General Intake Information

  • Call 215-981-3800 Monday through Thursday between 9:30am and 12:00pm
  • Or start the intake process online here
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Our Practice Areas

  • Financial Counseling and Debt Management

    Our team will review your income, assets, expenses, and type of debt with you so that you can make an educated decision on whether to file for bankruptcy or if another debt management tool will better assist you.

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    If you do decide to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy your assigned volunteer will help you through the process from start to finish. The process can be long and complicated. Your assigned volunteer will help you gather the necessary documentation, complete the necessary forms, and attend any court appearances.

  • Credit Abuse Resistance Education

    CBAP provides Credit Abuse Resistance Education to young adults and community groups. We can present on a variety of topics such as introduction to credit, budgeting on a low budget, and student loan information. We are also willing to educate the staff at your local community agency.